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Wrod Center (Former childhood home kindergarten)

تم تأسيس روضة بيت الطفولة التابعة لوزارة التعليم بتاريخ 1433 هـ ثم تغير مسمى الروضة والوزارة التابعة لها إلى مركز ورود الحياة لضيافة الأطفال وفي تاريخ : ٦ / ١ / ١٤٤١ هـ تم انضمام المركز إلى وزارة الموارد البشرية والتنمية الاجتماعية واصدر ترخيص رقم 504 ومازال المركز مستمر في العطاء واستقبال الأطفال .

The center vision

Provide care and education by entertaining to raise a Muslim generation armed with knowledge, knowledge and human and religious ethics in the service of religion and the homeland

The center message

Applying the highest standards of childcare standards and containing them in a stimulating and enjoyable environment for children with enrichment programs that suit the characteristics of child development

The center goals

Take care of the child in normal normal conditions similar to his family
provide the child with correct linguistic wealth suitable for his age
Training the child in motor skills
Raising the child's senses and training them to use them
make the child happy and cultivate in an environment suitable for him
Vigilance to protect the child from dangers and treat the signs of abnormal behavior
Treating the child and directing kindly and compassionately in a family atmosphere full of safety and reassurance
Take into account the characteristics of the child's development (physical, social, mental, emotional)

Our message to every mother

The ability to fill the caregiver's void
Provide targeted and appropriate educational lectures for children to inculcate good behaviors in them
support leisure activities and participate in their preparation and implementation
Help the association find supporters for the Rose of Life Center

Services provided by the center

The services provided (childcare / educational activities / recreational activities / developing children's motor and intellectual skills and measuring them continuously.
An integrated curriculum in Arabic and English.
Qualified and trained Saudi competencies.
Activating international days, educational activities, and foreign educational and entertainment trips.

The center's address

News / Scorpio Main Street / Bashar Bin Bard Sub street / Shura
0138819011 - 0504865698

Contribute with us

The Charitable Society for Motherhood and Childhood

(Wrod Al Hayat account for children’s hospitality)
Account Number(3161481559940 )
Iban Number(SA6520000003161481559940 )
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