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Center Programs

Motherhood and Childhood Charitable Association in the Eastern Region

24 May
Teacher's Day 10/6/2019 AD

The children of the center celebrated the teacher's day and presented gifts and thank you cards to the teachers. Among the activities of this day was to clarify the importance of the teacher and her effective role in society.

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20 May
National Day 9/24/2019

The children of the center celebrated the National Day by performing national anthems and folk dances, and through artistic activity, they made the flag out of colored paper, and to embody the national spirit, they printed their handprint on the map of the Kingdom.

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08 July
World Food Day 10/16/2019

On this day, the World Food Day was activated and the aim was to educate children about healthy food and its importance in the physical and mental structure, and the interaction was very beautiful by the children by bringing them healthy and beneficial meals.

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13 May
International Children's Day 11/21/2019

The center activated this day for children to inform them of their rights by organizing various activities and distributing gifts to children.

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05 April
(Motivating your child to overcome learning difficulties) presented by: Laila Abdullah Al-Saad

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07 June
برنامج أمومة

لأننا نسعى لتعزيز دور الأم ولأنك الأساس في تنمية المجتمع يسرنا تقديم برامج متميزة تدعم ذلك .

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